My Story

In life sometimes things aren’t always what they seem. A “Mirage” is something that appears real or possible but is not in fact so. Relationships, friendships, dreams, fears, truth, lies, friends, enemies and whatever path life may take you on, knowing yourself and staying true to who you are might be the only way you are able to see through it all. When it comes to the music and who Mirage is, it might just be to good to be true.

“Thanks for opening up for me last March. The crowd was ready.”

PNB ROCK • Hip Hop Star


MIRAGE, also known as “ThruTheMirage” is a singer and songwriter from Philadelphia, PA. He appeared in in 2018, releasing singles that create a hypnotic, energetic, mysterious atmosphere. His high tenor-tessitura-style vocals glide over heavily influenced R&B and sometimes trap, style beats.

He has an infatuation with music. In his formative years, he was exposed to many different styles and genres from his parents and older brother. He draws inspiration from earliest memories of music hearing artists such as Michael Jackson, Eminem and The Killers among his early favorites. He is of Puerto Rican heritage, so he was also exposed too many distinct Latin sounds and artists.

Between the ages of 8 and 12, Mirage spent many hours in his room singing along to his brother’s CDs. He also started honing his songwriting abilities. This is when he knew he had a gift of a voice and the potential for more.

In his senior year of high school, he finally began pursuing a career in music. A couple of friends had the same aspirations, they then began recording his songs. From that day on, Mirage has been diligently working on music, his brand & career knowing that one day he will reach enough people to inspire them to do what they love.

Teenage though high school influences – R&B/hip hop, Electronic/house


  • Has opened up/associated with top charting acts such as Diplo, Tory Lanez, Chase B, PNB Rock, Riff raff, Matt Ox
  • Headlined own shows at NOTO, Franky Bradley’s, The Trocadero, District Nine, (multiple other venues)
  • Had amassed over 100,000 plays across various platforms
  • Following, Top US Cities: Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, San Jose, Seattle, Boston, Las Vegas, Albany
  • Top Cities other countries: Toronto, Riyadh, Kiev, Frankfurt, Vienna, Moscow, Auckland
  • ThrutheMirage merchandise, designed & created himself

Skills and interest

  • Songwriting
  • Script writing
  • Videography
  • Acting
  • Voice acting
  • Impressions
  • Fashion and design
  • A tastemaker with a great ear for sound, production, song arrangements

Biggest inspirations

  • Miguel
  • The Weeknd
  • PartyNextDoor
  • Kanye West
  • Drake
  • Fall Out Boy
  • Good Charlotte
  • All American rejects
  • A variety of R&B and POP artist between 2000 – 2010

“I love the idea of being able to create through sound, using my voice as a tool to bring a soundtrack to life. Also, I believe I am a vessel to help others. I love the way my voice and sound can bring people together, so they can confide, feel comfortable and use my music in to help them navigate parts of life.It is also my own form of therapy. When people enjoy my music and relate to what I create, it fulfills me and makes everything I put into it worthwhile. Music is magical and powerful to me in that sense.

Living my dream through art and being able to help not only the people around me, but people that I’ve never met before is a beautiful thing. That’s what keeps me going! My journey will show me the way to help more people in many ways; to be able to do amazing things”. -Mirage

Feels Right – Mirage

Feels Right - Song by Mirage